Do Implants have to look like this?

    In many places you find information on AMS 2488 Type II Titanium   Anodizing. Eventhough it is just AMS this process is widely used for   surgical implants on human body. Nails for instance which should be   removed after healing.

In other words it is   evident to have a smooth, blank and clean surface. Only by this you can   avoid osseointegration.

So how does it work in   praxis? After doing Type II Titanium Anodizing, a powdery residue is   left on the parts that may interfere with the coatings anti-galling   properties. Removed by Sandblasting! This how this looks like:
bad example Type 2 anodized Titanium
It does't have to look like this! Actually it must   not!

Anodurit S is the only treatment   where a blank and clinically clean surface is obtained. The perfect   solution for safe and easy explantation.

Say   good-bye to the old brownish dirty brown. Covering dyrt and   others.

You want to check this out? Have a sample   you are keen on seeing it yourself? Let us know today! Send us your   sample to get an Anodurit S treatment!

Fr, 23. Nov. 2012

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