Oxidizing Tantalum

  Same as for Titanium and Niobium. The high resistance against corrosion   is given by the spontaneous built and natural oxide layer on Tantalum.   It's thickness is some few microns only and is built first quick then   slowly (exponentially decreasing).

By galvanic   anodizing this layer can be formed perfect. Only Anodurit(R) has the   capability to build a crystalline and fully covering oxide layer on   Tantalum. This oxide layer on Tantalum is protecting even better against   corrosion and causes less friction and galling.

Despite of the much higher Voltage. Also Tantalum can be anodized.   Grey as Type 2 or colored as Type 3. No Sand Blasting / grit blast. No   pickling. True to size. Surface Structure remains originally!  

Di, 10. Sept. 2013

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