Anodurit (R) - the next levelAnodurit®
the next level

  • Anodurit = Preassure Anodization of Titanium, Tantalum
  • extended work load capacity, increased life time
  • Anodurit pulls you in front of Your competitors.

Anodization transforms the surface (Titanium, Tantalum) into an oxide layer. This layer protects your products even better from corrosion and abrasion. Anodurit – the Swiss invented pressure anodization provides first time a unique and completely tight oxide layer.

  • crystalline, tight oxide surface layer up to 10µm
  • clean, no sand-blasting
  • true to size, no post processing
  • considerably higher bending fatigue strength
  • enhanced protection against galling
  • Anodurit acts as an electrical isolator
Rely on Anodurit in applications of:
Medical and Surgical,
Aviation and Space,
Automotive and
High Performance Devices and Parts.

Galvex Ltd. was found to market this Swiss Technologie Anodurit worldwide.

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